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Lander County has major rail lines, extensive highway systems and air service that makes it an ideal location from which to transport goods throughout markets in the west.

From Austin, Nevada - Highway 50 (East/West)
Westbound to San Francisco, CA397 miles
Eastbound to Salt Lake City, UT377 miles

From Battle Mountain, Nevada - Highway 80 (East/West)
Westbound to Reno, NV217 miles
Westbound to Sacramento, CA352 miles
Westbound to San Francisco, CA440 miles
Eastbound to Salt Lake City, UT304 miles
Eastbound to Denver, CO827 miles

From Battle Mountain, Nevada - Highway 85 (North/South)
Northbound to Boise, ID320 miles
Southbound to Los Angeles, CA360 miles

Motor Freight Companies
Over nine trucking lines with daily service.

Rail Systems
Southern and Union Pacific - 1-800-544-4130
Burlington Northern Santa Fe - (612) 298-2121
Amtrack (passenger) - 1-800-827-7245

Lander County Airport, Battle Mountain, NV
Elevation: 4,532
Runways: 7299 x 150 (03-21), 7300 x 100 (12-30)
Communications: CTAF/UNICOM
(775) 635-2245
AirNav.com information for KBAM

Austin Airport - Austin, NV
Elevation: 5,730
Runway: 6000 x 75 (18-36)
Communications: CTAF: 122.9
AirNav.com information for 9UE

Kingston Airport - Kingston, NV
Elevation: 5,950
Runway: 3700 x 40 (07-25), 3072 x 60 ( 16-34)
AirNav.com information for N15

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